Fixing what isn’t broken…

Some things just don’t look right…

Have you ever created something that was functional, beautiful, and adequate in every way but one?  The one thing that kept it from being PERFECT was the fact it just didn’t “fit”?

That’s where I found myself with the cover of Well Written.

The original cover was perfectly fine…but in my mind, it never quite “fit”…so I finally sucked it up….admitted the error and have fixed it (as much as any Not-A-Graphic-Artist can…meaning I hired the very talented Jess Buffett.)

When the new cover appears on vendor sites in a few days you should have the option to update it or not.  Keep the one you like…I’d be interested to hear which one you chose.

I’m eternally grateful for your friendship and support…both mean more than I can ever tell you!



Game On

Book 4 of the Morgan Brothers series is out…

Game On is infused with plenty of laugh out loud moments and it’s blazing hot ménage makes it a great read.  It was great fun to bring Aspen and Mitch back…their chemistry was undeniable in the Prairie Winds Club series.  I’m looking forward to including them again in the future.






The entire series has been so much fun to write & share with you…  The Morgan Brothers have stolen a large piece of my heart! 



Caged Songbird

“No, beautiful.  Lose the shirt.  We sleep naked…always.  I want to feel your bare skin beneath my fingertips.  And I’ll always want access to you.”  He’d deliberately lowered his voice letting the sexual Dominant inside rise to the surface.

Colt Morgan in Caged Songbird by Avery Gale



iTunes-Caged Songbird by Avery Gale   https://itun.es/us/rGYhdb.l