ShadowDance Club

d275294cccfdd0f451be300a97b228c4--book-covers-sirensKatarina “Kat” McKay narrowly escapes a BSDM encounter gone horribly wrong in Las Vegas and makes her way home to Climax and into the arms of the only two men she’d ever loved. Alex and Zach Lamont’s rejection of Kat as “too young” sent her running several years ago. Former Special Forces soldiers Alex and Zach Lamont now run the ShadowDance Club, a wildly successful BDSM Club in the Colorado Rockies. Having never stopped searching for Kat, they are thrilled to have her back in their lives. They have always known they would share a wife and are convinced Kat is perfect for them, but can they protect her from the wealthy, tech-savvy sadist who fully intends to make her pay for humiliating him by slipping out of the club where he was publicly whipping her? The Lamonts and their crack security team of fellow former Special Forces operatives vow to keep Kat safe, but ultimately it is the smart, sexy, and very sassy Katarina who saves herself and her men when her nemesis breaks into their home.