About the Author

Writing is an escape from normal – which bores me to distraction. I’m sure my family would assure you I haven’t even been in normal’s neighborhood in years so I probably don’t have a real solid grasp of the concept.

I like writing characters that are flawed, but lovable. And I like creating strong women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds to the men in their lives.

I also love hearing from readers! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and avery.gale@ymail.com are the best ways to get in touch with me. Let me know what you like and which characters you think should get their own stories!

– Avery Gale –

137 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Hi Avery. I thoroughly enjoy your books and would like to know when the next Knights of Arcadia will be out. Thank you.

  2. Loved the first Knights of Arcadia. Glad to hear another is on the way. I love all the series and wait impatiently for the next in all of them. So many options in my head for all the Special Ops groups and all their friends. I would love more of Tony and Bliss, but really, I so enjoy your work, any of them will do.
    Thanks for keeping us all so thoroughly entertained!!!!

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