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The third book in The Adlers series is out and available everywhere great stories are sold!


“Oh, sweet Charlotte, you have so much to learn.  Always quit while you’re ahead.”

What?  Ahead?  When was I ever ahead?  Austin has been playing me like a secondhand fiddle he found at a flea market since he saw me shimmer at the club.  I’ve never been ahead.  I’m so far behind, he’s lapped me at least once.  Ahead?  Not hardly!   It wasn’t until she realized neither man was moving, she worried she’d actually spoken the words aloud.

I’m hard at work on the next book in this series…

Releasing in July 2019…. the youngest Adler is a handful, she’s even surprising ME with some of her antics and unlikely allies.

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New Release, The Adlers, Uncategorized, Up-Coming Release



Chapter One

Dr. Evan Monroe leaned back in the black leather chair, his arms crossed over his chest as he tried to keep from rolling his eyes at the man standing at the other end of the conference room table, spewing PCBS like it was his damned job. Hell, maybe it’s a bigger part of his job than I thought. His brother, Elijah, could take three facts and turn a five-minute discussion into an hour-long dissertation, so heavily laden with politically correct bullshit, it was a miracle anything was ever accomplished during board meetings. Evan had already been stuck here over an hour, and there was very little he loathed more than listening to someone drone on during meetings.

As a surgeon, Evan had spent the past several years working his ass off—his reputation for getting things done was well known. His medical practice had grown to the point, he needed to hire additional staff or resign himself to working twenty-four-seven. Attending one of his big brother’s lectures was nowhere on his list of pleasant ways to spend the few free minutes he’d eked out of his busy work day.

Sighing to himself, Evan had to admit his frustration wasn’t all due to Eli’s soapbox performance. No, his foul mood had more to do with the fact the only woman who’d caught his interest in years hadn’t returned his calls in the two months since he’d treated her sister. Two damned months without a word, so it seemed unlikely he was ever going to see her again. Evidently, their attraction wasn’t as mutual as he’d thought it was.

Hell, maybe he should give up trying to connect with London and spend more time with his family. His dads and mom were always begging him to visit, and he knew he should take a more active role in the charitable causes the family worked so hard to support—but knowing he should and wanting to were turning out to be entirely different things. It didn’t matter there were fewer than a handful of families like his anywhere in the world, they were still family, and that meant they were often as annoying as they were unique. As if the Universe had tuned in to his frustration and decided to shatter his boredom, Evan’s phone vibrated in his pocket.

Seeing London’s name illuminated on the screen made his heart skip a beat. Taking several steps toward the door, he swiped his finger over the screen and was shocked to see her panicked face staring back at him. The crack of gunfire and shattering glass was loud enough to draw the attention of every person in the room. Sprinting the last several feet to the door, Evan was running down the hall as he listened to London’s frantic whispers. Racing to the exit, Evan hit the door so hard, it crashed against the wall as he sprinted to his truck.
“Evan, I need your help. I’m trapped in the small lab at Gates.” He knew the facility she was talking about, but he hadn’t known she was so fucking close. “I’m going to sneak out the back and make a dash for the woods.” It wasn’t necessary for London to tell him to pick her up, he was already starting his truck. He was only minutes from her, but he knew it was going to feel like hours of travel time.

Evan watched London’s ashen face turn frantically from one side to the other, confusion layering on her already frightened expression. “B was here. I don’t know how. I don’t know where she went.” As he put the truck in gear, the diesel motor roared as he sped out of the parking lot. Evan saw her moving out of the dimly lit lab into the black night, and he hoped like hell the facility’s perimeter lighting wouldn’t give away her location.

“I’ll find you, London. As soon as we disconnect, I want you to make sure the GPS on your phone is shut off.” With his heightened night vision and a keen sense of smell, he could find her with his eyes closed. “Shut the phone down before you run, baby.” He’d used the endearment without thinking and was grateful she didn’t seem alarmed by the overly familiar term. Dividing his attention between the road and his phone was a dangerous game. Evan knew he needed to disconnect and focus on driving.

“Now, London! Go!” The fear he saw flash in her eyes before the screen went blank was like a punch to his gut.


NOTE:  This is an excerpt from Chapter One….  London will be released, Tuesday, February 12, 2019.   Available everywhere great books are sold.  

Up-Coming Release

Star-Crossed Miracle

Here’s an UNEDITED sneak peek from book nine in The Masters of the Prairie Winds series…

“The people we love can be a real pain in the ass.” Brock turned to see Kyle West standing inside the door, a knowing grin curving his lips. “The right woman will drive you insane and it goes without saying younger brothers are the bane of our existence.” Since they were twins, Kyle was mere minutes older than his younger brother; but from what Brock had heard, he never let Kent forget who’d been born first.

The door opened beside Kyle and Kent stuck his head into the room and grinned. “Hey, I resent that remark.”

“Doesn’t mean it isn’t true.” Kyle’s smile made Brock chuckle and the appreciated the Wests attempt to lighten his mood. Kyle looked at him and then nodded toward the door. “Take a break, I’ll sit with them. Tobi is waiting outside to take you to dinner. Kent will drive, we don’t need to fill up the rest of this floor with accident victims.”

Kent chuckled, “I love her to death, but her driving terrifies me. I swear she is almost as bad as Mom.” Brock felt his brows raise in surprise because Lilly West’s horrendous driving was the world’s worst kept secret.

“Thanks, I’m hungry, and I know I need to get out of here for a while. Since they’re both resting and out of danger I’m going to take you up on your offer. CeCe said they can return to Prairie Winds in a couple of days if all goes well.”

Ten minutes later he was riding the elevator and listening to Tobi list all the reasons she should be allowed to drive. Kent patiently countered every point, but the little blonde bundle of fire wasn’t going down without a fight.

“I thought you said this was my car?”

“It is your car. Ownership is not the issue.” Kent’s even tone didn’t seem to appease his frustrated wife.

“I want to drive.”


“So, you’ll let me drive?”

“No, I just wanted you to know I’d noted your request.” Kent looked over her head and grinned at Brock. Obviously, the man was going to push her to the tipping point.

“It’s not fair, you know. Brock isn’t afraid to ride with me, are you?” He was grateful she didn’t wait for him to respond because there was no way to answer the question without stepping on someone’s toes. “He’s been in countries where cars get blown up every day. Riding with me will be a walk in the park. You weren’t over in BFEistan mothering him, so why are you all cranky about it now?” BFEistan? What the fuck? Shaking his head, it took Brock a couple of seconds to realize Tobi had combined Bum-fuck Egypt and the last part of the various Middle Eastern countries where U.S. soldiers were deployed.

Brock enjoyed Kent and Tobi’s company at dinner, smiling at their easy banter and watching in amazement as she charmed everyone they came into contact with. By the time they were on their way back to the hospital, she was giggling from the two glasses of wine she’d had and repeatedly promised to make sure their small cabin behind the club was fully stocked with the snacks she knew Tucker liked and a basket of toiletries for Mia.

Kent assured him they were also revamping the security around the small cabin he and Tucker shared. “We’ll have additional perimeter alarms in place by the time you arrive. The new recruits are jazzed about the prospect of setting it up.”

“And Lilly offered to ride shotgun if you need her for the trip home.” Tobi grinned and then winked over her shoulder at Brock when Kent let loose with a litany of curses worthy of his former career as a sailor.

“Tobi, you are forbidden from telling my mother anything about their travel plans, do you understand? The last thing we need is her anywhere in the vicinity as they make their way home. Hell, maybe we should fly you back to avoid Hurricane Lilly.”

“She’s not that bad, she’s more of a tropical storm than a hurricane. You shouldn’t exaggerate. I don’t think she’s ever shot anybody who didn’t deserve it and she’s only blown up one boat.” Brock could see her chewing on her bottom lip as she thought back and he was forced to muffle his laughter with a cough.

Tobi finally returned her gaze to Kent and added, “You know she didn’t shoot that guy on the hill across the river. She shot the snake and the big coward jumped off the cliff into the water all on his own, so you can’t count that one. And I heard that Cam is the one who blew up the boat in the gulf. Your mom was totally jealous of that missile thing, she wants one for Christmas.”

“Jesus.” Kent’s muttered curse was the final straw. Brock didn’t know if it was the topic or the fact he’d finally relaxed for the first time in days, but it felt damned good to throw his head back and laugh until the muscles in his stomach ached.