The ShadowDance Club

I’ve spent the past year getting fabulous new covers…Jess Buffett, you ROCK…and re-editing The ShadowDance Club series so they are even better than before.  A huge thanks to Sandy Ebel, Personal Touch Editing and Karen Bailey, proof-reader extraordinaire, for their dedication and patience as I tweaked long past when I should have called it a day.

If you loved Katarina, Alex, Zach, Jenna, and all the other characters from ShadowDance Mountain, I hope you’ll share the new and improved versions with your friends who might not have met the wild and kinky crew yet.

Watch for Katarina’s Return re-releasing the first week of October 2018.

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Star-Crossed Miracle

Here’s an UNEDITED sneak peek from book nine in The Masters of the Prairie Winds series…

“The people we love can be a real pain in the ass.” Brock turned to see Kyle West standing inside the door, a knowing grin curving his lips. “The right woman will drive you insane and it goes without saying younger brothers are the bane of our existence.” Since they were twins, Kyle was mere minutes older than his younger brother; but from what Brock had heard, he never let Kent forget who’d been born first.

The door opened beside Kyle and Kent stuck his head into the room and grinned. “Hey, I resent that remark.”

“Doesn’t mean it isn’t true.” Kyle’s smile made Brock chuckle and the appreciated the Wests attempt to lighten his mood. Kyle looked at him and then nodded toward the door. “Take a break, I’ll sit with them. Tobi is waiting outside to take you to dinner. Kent will drive, we don’t need to fill up the rest of this floor with accident victims.”

Kent chuckled, “I love her to death, but her driving terrifies me. I swear she is almost as bad as Mom.” Brock felt his brows raise in surprise because Lilly West’s horrendous driving was the world’s worst kept secret.

“Thanks, I’m hungry, and I know I need to get out of here for a while. Since they’re both resting and out of danger I’m going to take you up on your offer. CeCe said they can return to Prairie Winds in a couple of days if all goes well.”

Ten minutes later he was riding the elevator and listening to Tobi list all the reasons she should be allowed to drive. Kent patiently countered every point, but the little blonde bundle of fire wasn’t going down without a fight.

“I thought you said this was my car?”

“It is your car. Ownership is not the issue.” Kent’s even tone didn’t seem to appease his frustrated wife.

“I want to drive.”


“So, you’ll let me drive?”

“No, I just wanted you to know I’d noted your request.” Kent looked over her head and grinned at Brock. Obviously, the man was going to push her to the tipping point.

“It’s not fair, you know. Brock isn’t afraid to ride with me, are you?” He was grateful she didn’t wait for him to respond because there was no way to answer the question without stepping on someone’s toes. “He’s been in countries where cars get blown up every day. Riding with me will be a walk in the park. You weren’t over in BFEistan mothering him, so why are you all cranky about it now?” BFEistan? What the fuck? Shaking his head, it took Brock a couple of seconds to realize Tobi had combined Bum-fuck Egypt and the last part of the various Middle Eastern countries where U.S. soldiers were deployed.

Brock enjoyed Kent and Tobi’s company at dinner, smiling at their easy banter and watching in amazement as she charmed everyone they came into contact with. By the time they were on their way back to the hospital, she was giggling from the two glasses of wine she’d had and repeatedly promised to make sure their small cabin behind the club was fully stocked with the snacks she knew Tucker liked and a basket of toiletries for Mia.

Kent assured him they were also revamping the security around the small cabin he and Tucker shared. “We’ll have additional perimeter alarms in place by the time you arrive. The new recruits are jazzed about the prospect of setting it up.”

“And Lilly offered to ride shotgun if you need her for the trip home.” Tobi grinned and then winked over her shoulder at Brock when Kent let loose with a litany of curses worthy of his former career as a sailor.

“Tobi, you are forbidden from telling my mother anything about their travel plans, do you understand? The last thing we need is her anywhere in the vicinity as they make their way home. Hell, maybe we should fly you back to avoid Hurricane Lilly.”

“She’s not that bad, she’s more of a tropical storm than a hurricane. You shouldn’t exaggerate. I don’t think she’s ever shot anybody who didn’t deserve it and she’s only blown up one boat.” Brock could see her chewing on her bottom lip as she thought back and he was forced to muffle his laughter with a cough.

Tobi finally returned her gaze to Kent and added, “You know she didn’t shoot that guy on the hill across the river. She shot the snake and the big coward jumped off the cliff into the water all on his own, so you can’t count that one. And I heard that Cam is the one who blew up the boat in the gulf. Your mom was totally jealous of that missile thing, she wants one for Christmas.”

“Jesus.” Kent’s muttered curse was the final straw. Brock didn’t know if it was the topic or the fact he’d finally relaxed for the first time in days, but it felt damned good to throw his head back and laugh until the muscles in his stomach ached.


The ShadowDance Club

The ShadowDance Club

Seven hot erotic romances tracking a group of family and friends enjoying all the benefits of ShadowDance Mountain’s hot kink spot…..The ShadowDance Club. All books are available on Amazon, iTunes, and Bookstrand!

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