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The third book in The Adlers series is out and available everywhere great stories are sold!


“Oh, sweet Charlotte, you have so much to learn.  Always quit while you’re ahead.”

What?  Ahead?  When was I ever ahead?  Austin has been playing me like a secondhand fiddle he found at a flea market since he saw me shimmer at the club.  I’ve never been ahead.  I’m so far behind, he’s lapped me at least once.  Ahead?  Not hardly!   It wasn’t until she realized neither man was moving, she worried she’d actually spoken the words aloud.

I’m hard at work on the next book in this series…

Releasing in July 2019…. the youngest Adler is a handful, she’s even surprising ME with some of her antics and unlikely allies.

As always, I’d like to encourage you to interact with the authors you love…follow them on social media, comment on and share their posts when you can,  and most important of all… write reviews.  Remember a review can be very simple and they really so make a big difference! 

I’m grateful every single day for the friendships I’ve formed with readers… thank you for your love and support… it means so much more than you know.


Dancing with Deception


Joelle Phillips is beautiful, brilliant, and hiding. Forced to suppress what she knows is one of the biggest medical discoveries in history, she flees to the majestic Rocky Mountains of western Montana. In picturesque Pine Creek the biggest battle she faces is her undeniable attraction to the local sheriff. A relationship with Brandt Morgan is a recipe for disaster on many levels. The only other man who’s ever captured her interest was a man she met briefly two years agdancingwithdeception3dereaderpico. Fate prevented her from following through after meeting Ryan Morgan, and it appears to be hell bent on blocking her yet again.
Brandt has been fighting his way back from haunted memories of his final mission as a Navy SEAL. The disastrous operation left him in a quagmire of PTSD he worried had stolen his humanity. His family and friends are relieved when the man they loved finally seems to be resurfacing, and no one doubts his interest in Joelle is playing a large part in his healing.
Ryan never forgot the lovely woman he met but didn’t get a chance to call before leaving the country on a work assignment. She’d piqued his interest, but he’d always regretted what he assumed was an opportunity lost—until he walks into a kink club in Montana.
Ryan and Brandt met Joelle under different circumstances, but their interest is the same. But can they set aside competing interests to keep her safe from a high profile enemy long enough to find out where their relationship might lead?


Knights of the Boardroom Book 2 – Here’s a Sneak Peak


        “You’re beautiful, but what you don’t realize is that your real beauty comes from the inside. You are under the mistaken impression Master Tristan and I are seeing the outside—like everyone else. And while I’ll admit, the outside is stunning, it’s the core that interests us. The woman who mothered her younger sister when her own mother was taken too soon. The woman who changed the direction of her own life—putting her dreams on hold to take a high paying modeling position so she could pay for her sister’s education. The woman who has managed to parlay her earnings into an impressive personal fortune by making incredibly wise financial investments. The woman who wasn’t afraid to meet the challenge thrown down by a couple of sexual Dominants and is discovering something new about herself every day. That is the woman who interests us, because she is brilliant, loyal, and fearless.”


JK Publishing’s Fight Like an Author Save the Ta-Ta’s!



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Snippit from Bound Treasure

boundtreasureMOPW4 - 200x300    Taking deep breaths hoping to banish the black dots that had begun dancing in her vision, Regi squeezed her eyes shut trying to     focus on her brain’s need for oxygen rather than the pictures she’d just seen. How had the photographer managed to snap so many shots of her without her knowledge? Might have been the fact you were too focused on the Masters of Menace instead of paying attention. Maybe you should have been thinking with your head instead of letting your girly-parts rule the night.   Great, now I’m carrying on conversations with myself, next thing you know I’ll be spewing it aloud like Tobi. I swear she is contagious.


Grateful Beyond Words…


Being nominated by readers in two categories has me dancing around the living room like a loon!  I’m so grateful I can’t begin to tell you!

And being nominated alongside authors I admire and who have been my inspiration for years is icing on a very sweet cake!

A huge thank you to all my readers….you are the reason I do what I do.  Your support and friendship have meant the world to me.  Every single day I get a message or picture or “something” from one of you that absolutely makes my day!  And your kind words and support while I’ve battled pneumonia the past couple of weeks has brought tears to my eyes more than once!

I encourage you to vote for all your favorites!  Show your favorite authors what you’ve loved this past year!


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The ShadowDance Club

The ShadowDance Club

Seven hot erotic romances tracking a group of family and friends enjoying all the benefits of ShadowDance Mountain’s hot kink spot…..The ShadowDance Club. All books are available on Amazon, iTunes, and Bookstrand!

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