The Insanity of Twitter…

If you have ever run up against rapid fans on Twitter, you understand what I mean when I say there is no reasoning with them.

They are paranoid and mean…a dangerous combination. They feel powerful because they are hiding behind fake names and believe their 48 followers make them omnipotent. These users are devoted to people they have never met and as a group they refuse to allow anyone to have an opinion that differs from theirs.

I block people who make false allegations or those who are hateful, I don’t need their negativity. If they want to have an adult conversation, I’m always open…but labeling people simply because they view a situation differently isn’t condusive to communication. I don’t have time for mean people…there are too many wonderful folks out there!

I’ve been blessed to have readers who are fun loving and open-minded. Perhaps I was naive to think everyone on social media was as forward thinking as my readers, but there you have it.

The world is a better place when people are allowed to have different views…if everyone likes the same thing, things are going to be awfully boring.

My Twitter policy is the same as it’s always been… Be Nice or Be Gone.