Well Bred

The Morgans of Montana series is complete….but you haven’t heard the last of the Morgans!

Get ready for Mountain Mastery….Nate and Taz Ledek have been waiting in the wings for their story and it’s coming SOON!

5 thoughts on “Well Bred”

  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOO…Excited! I was praying you would do a series on this! ❤ I was especially hoping the Ledek’s would get their book! I’d love to be the filling in a Ledek sandwich! My blog eagerly awaits!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve been waiting for their story. Please say it’s soon. Love all your books? BJ Groff

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  3. I have been waiting for the story of Taz since I read your master of the prairie winds club now to have read the about the Morgan brothers and too find out he has brother named Nate o boy!!!!!! this has to be a must get and read book

  4. These characters are unique. I’ve given lots of hints over the past two series so you’ll feel like you are picking it up easily! I’m totally jazzed about this book!

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