Game On

Book 4 of the Morgan Brothers series is out…

Game On is infused with plenty of laugh out loud moments and it’s blazing hot ménage makes it a great read.  It was great fun to bring Aspen and Mitch back…their chemistry was undeniable in the Prairie Winds Club series.  I’m looking forward to including them again in the future.






The entire series has been so much fun to write & share with you…  The Morgan Brothers have stolen a large piece of my heart! 



Caged Songbird

“No, beautiful.  Lose the shirt.  We sleep naked…always.  I want to feel your bare skin beneath my fingertips.  And I’ll always want access to you.”  He’d deliberately lowered his voice letting the sexual Dominant inside rise to the surface.

Colt Morgan in Caged Songbird by Avery Gale



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Dancing with Deception


Joelle Phillips is beautiful, brilliant, and hiding. Forced to suppress what she knows is one of the biggest medical discoveries in history, she flees to the majestic Rocky Mountains of western Montana. In picturesque Pine Creek the biggest battle she faces is her undeniable attraction to the local sheriff. A relationship with Brandt Morgan is a recipe for disaster on many levels. The only other man who’s ever captured her interest was a man she met briefly two years agdancingwithdeception3dereaderpico. Fate prevented her from following through after meeting Ryan Morgan, and it appears to be hell bent on blocking her yet again.
Brandt has been fighting his way back from haunted memories of his final mission as a Navy SEAL. The disastrous operation left him in a quagmire of PTSD he worried had stolen his humanity. His family and friends are relieved when the man they loved finally seems to be resurfacing, and no one doubts his interest in Joelle is playing a large part in his healing.
Ryan never forgot the lovely woman he met but didn’t get a chance to call before leaving the country on a work assignment. She’d piqued his interest, but he’d always regretted what he assumed was an opportunity lost—until he walks into a kink club in Montana.
Ryan and Brandt met Joelle under different circumstances, but their interest is the same. But can they set aside competing interests to keep her safe from a high profile enemy long enough to find out where their relationship might lead?




Keeping busy writing Book 3 in the Knights of the Boardroom series….and trying to keep real life from intruding too far on my fictional existence.


And I’m buying great gifts for the Christmas Giveway…WOW is that ever sneaking up on me quickly!


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Knights of the Boardroom – Book 2 – Sept. 22nd

KB2 Cover     “Oh, mon cher, you are so wet and so sweetly wanton. I cannot tell you how perfect you are for us.” She started to argue, but when she opened her mouth the only thing that came out was a moan. “Oh, music to my ears, mon amour, but right now I’m not of a mind to share that sweet sound with all the other guests who are so close.” Guests? Close? Damn. She wasn’t sure she would be able to keep quiet if he made her come. If?
“Please.” Carli wasn’t even sure what she was asking for, she’d never had an orgasm that she hadn’t been personally responsible for until a half hour ago. And if that was any indication, there wasn’t much chance she was going to be quiet this time either. “I don’t want to—to make a scene, but oh…please.”
His eyes flashed with desire so strong she saw it shine through the dim light a split second before he sealed his lips over hers and pushed his fingers in just deep enough to press against the small magical spot that lit her up like the Fourth of July. His tongue mimicked the movement of his fingers, plunging in before retreating and then pushing relentlessly forward once again. Over and over he repeated the unpredictable pace that kept her right on the precipice. Her entire body was vibrating with desperation, something he must have seen in her eyes when he finally broke the kiss. He leaned forward kissing each cheek and Carli realized she’d been crying. “Don’t cry, mon cher. We’ll always take care of your needs. Now, come for me.”
Everything seemed to happen simultaneously. Tristan’s fingers slid in curving forward to press firmly against the magic spot inside her. Lightning flashed through her entire body, throwing her over the edge of one of the most blindingly intense orgasms she’d ever experienced. Tristan barely caught her scream when he slammed his mouth over hers once again. Carli tried to lock her knees but it was no use, she felt them fold out from under her, but another pair of hands wrapped around her waist and she felt herself being pulled back against a chest so solid she knew immediately it was Parker. The heat from her core moved at the speed of light pushing out until even the tips of her fingers and toes felt like they were on fire. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her until she was completely spent.
“Jesus Christ she is beautiful when she comes. And the sweet cream flowing over my fingers makes me want to fuck her right her, right now.”


Knights of the Boardroom Book 2 – Here’s a Sneak Peak


        “You’re beautiful, but what you don’t realize is that your real beauty comes from the inside. You are under the mistaken impression Master Tristan and I are seeing the outside—like everyone else. And while I’ll admit, the outside is stunning, it’s the core that interests us. The woman who mothered her younger sister when her own mother was taken too soon. The woman who changed the direction of her own life—putting her dreams on hold to take a high paying modeling position so she could pay for her sister’s education. The woman who has managed to parlay her earnings into an impressive personal fortune by making incredibly wise financial investments. The woman who wasn’t afraid to meet the challenge thrown down by a couple of sexual Dominants and is discovering something new about herself every day. That is the woman who interests us, because she is brilliant, loyal, and fearless.”


A New Series!!

COVER   The first book of The Knights of the Boardroom

      series will release July 28th!

Parker shook his head, muttering, “Christ, sometimes I    really wonder about him. He’s yammering on and she is just sitting there blinking at him like she’s trying to bring his words into focus with her eyes. I keep telling him to leave that left of center British humor of his at the door of the club because it confuses the hell out of the subs, but as you can see the bastard doesn’t listen to me.” Brodie and Law both nodded—this was an on-going point of contention between the two men, and a never-ending source of amusement for everyone around them.



Missionary Position – Book 7 of the Masters of the Prairie Winds Club series


Yes, sireee, it was just like the man to wait until there was nothing between her ass and his hand but a handful of threads to become completely focused on every move she made. Lara had spent months trying to tempt Fischer into touching her, and just when she’d finally resigned herself to the fact he wasn’t interested, everything changed.