Keeping busy writing Book 3 in the Knights of the Boardroom series….and trying to keep real life from intruding too far on my fictional existence.


And I’m buying great gifts for the Christmas Giveway…WOW is that ever sneaking up on me quickly!


Watch for updates here as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

6 thoughts on “Writing….Writing….Writing”

  1. Outstanding on both my friend! Am dying for knights 3! And am really liking forward to the Christmas give away!

  2. Christmas time is coming fast. You always have a great one. Looking forward to book 3. Remember to take time for yourself. Breath with me Avery…. In hold for three…. out for three …. in hold for three and out, always remember to breath (and have some fun yourself).

  3. Thanks Jane! I’m anxious as always for the giveaway. Going to be more cards this year in addition to the other FUN stuff!! Woo Hoo. Bring on the sleigh bells!

    1. I am really looking forward to book 3….. Christmas sure seems to be coming fast this year…. don’t forget to take some time for yourself

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