Knights of the Boardroom – Book 2 – Sept. 22nd

KB2 Cover     “Oh, mon cher, you are so wet and so sweetly wanton. I cannot tell you how perfect you are for us.” She started to argue, but when she opened her mouth the only thing that came out was a moan. “Oh, music to my ears, mon amour, but right now I’m not of a mind to share that sweet sound with all the other guests who are so close.” Guests? Close? Damn. She wasn’t sure she would be able to keep quiet if he made her come. If?
“Please.” Carli wasn’t even sure what she was asking for, she’d never had an orgasm that she hadn’t been personally responsible for until a half hour ago. And if that was any indication, there wasn’t much chance she was going to be quiet this time either. “I don’t want to—to make a scene, but oh…please.”
His eyes flashed with desire so strong she saw it shine through the dim light a split second before he sealed his lips over hers and pushed his fingers in just deep enough to press against the small magical spot that lit her up like the Fourth of July. His tongue mimicked the movement of his fingers, plunging in before retreating and then pushing relentlessly forward once again. Over and over he repeated the unpredictable pace that kept her right on the precipice. Her entire body was vibrating with desperation, something he must have seen in her eyes when he finally broke the kiss. He leaned forward kissing each cheek and Carli realized she’d been crying. “Don’t cry, mon cher. We’ll always take care of your needs. Now, come for me.”
Everything seemed to happen simultaneously. Tristan’s fingers slid in curving forward to press firmly against the magic spot inside her. Lightning flashed through her entire body, throwing her over the edge of one of the most blindingly intense orgasms she’d ever experienced. Tristan barely caught her scream when he slammed his mouth over hers once again. Carli tried to lock her knees but it was no use, she felt them fold out from under her, but another pair of hands wrapped around her waist and she felt herself being pulled back against a chest so solid she knew immediately it was Parker. The heat from her core moved at the speed of light pushing out until even the tips of her fingers and toes felt like they were on fire. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her until she was completely spent.
“Jesus Christ she is beautiful when she comes. And the sweet cream flowing over my fingers makes me want to fuck her right her, right now.”

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