Coming Nov. 18th

Excerpt from:

Taking Out the Mother Of the Bride and Other Christmas Wishes

“I can take her out, you know. Hell, I’ll take the mother and grandmother both out. But of course you will owe me a case of Elit because the old one is ugly and even meaner than the younger one.” Dem always seemed to know how to lighten the moment, but Mikel tried to hold back his smile. No reason to encourage him. Tapping his finger to his chin as if lost in thought, Dem seemed to be weighing his options. “I could tamper with their brooms, fuck with the steering so they’d be sent careening into the side of some marble-faced building. Hmmm, probably too messy, and certainly too public with cellphone cameras everywhere now—hell, it’s getting damned difficult to be a criminal thanks to those things. If you’d just give in and let me buy one of those guns that vaporizes people, I could solve this problem, you know.” Mikel could not hold back any longer and had to cough to cover his bark of laughter.

SEXY   FUNNY    And for anyone who has ever helped plan a wedding….OH  SO  FAMILIAR



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