Excerpt from Punishing for Pleasure – Releasing Sept. 23rd

Preview of next week’s release…PunishingforPleasure - 200x300 Smallest 9-1-2014 12-19-17 PM

She would have told them she didn’t have any plans if they had simply asked, but Ash’s barked command grated on her last nerve. Sure she was a submissive, but that didn’t mean she was a doormat. Damn Doms anyway. Just to be cantankerous, she dialed her private number at the office and left a message explaining she’d been kidnapped by a couple of crazies and the authorities should review the tapes from the presentation at the hospital if her staff hadn’t heard from her by morning.

She’d sworn she’d heard them both growl and Dex’s hands were now gripping the steering wheel so tight she worried it might snap. The muscles along the side of his jaw clenched so tight she wondered if it might shatter as well. Ash took the phone from her hand, switched it to vibrate and then slid it into his pocket. “That little stunt will cost you ten.” When she turned to glare at him he added, “Be very careful, pet. The tally is already higher than you can cover in one session, you might want to measure your words very carefully.” Sure threaten me with something I love. What a dumb ass. I’m a masochist you dim-wit. I like pain…probably ought to be thinking up something else if you intend to call it punishment.

Meri had already had her fill of men today so they weren’t going to get any huge concessions from her. She’d show them “carefully measured words.” Let’s see how they like no words at all. She simply turned and stared out the windshield tuning out everything happening around her. Thinking back over the past few hours Meri wondered how her life had managed to spiral out of control so quickly. Her assistant, Tony was the only man she’d been near who hadn’t been a total jerk, but even he drained her emotionally. Tony was probably the closest thing Meri had to a best friend, but his love life was such a train wreck the drama surrounding him made the Kardashian’s look like they belonged in Mayberry.

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