Jen’s Journey – Releasing April 22nd


“You know the dads are going to be pissed that you brought a gun to the party, right? What exactly were you thinking?” Kyle had begun pacing in front of his wife and mother, and Sage could see he was struggling to hold on to his patience. Sage had seen it a thousand times, Kyle was lashing out because he felt out of control and from the look on Lilly’s face she was also fast approaching the end of her rope.
“What was I thinking? I was thinking I might have to use it. Why else does anyone carry a weapon? Geez, Kyle, that wasn’t a very smart question. You can do better than that.” For the first time he heard Lilly’s voice relax a bit and he was glad she seemed to be calming down, even if it was only fractionally. And then she looked up and Sage got a brief glimpse of a much wilder and much younger Lilly West as she grinned and added, “I wasn’t looking for trouble, but you have to admit, I hang out with a rough crowd.” Tobi and Gracie both stared at her, their mouths gapping open, until the both dissolved into hysterical laughter. Lilly’s sly grin showed how pleased she was that her attempt to distract Kyle had been successful and the tension drained from Kent as well.

The Masters of the Prairie Winds Club – Book 3

The Masters of the Prairie Winds Club - Book 3

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