This is the post to share for entering the last drawing! Sad to see it end…you have all made it sooooo fun!!!


A Preview of Fated Magic…..

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The Wolf Pack – Book 2

Fated Magic


Chapter One

Leaning back and watching the sunlight dance over the water in the swimming pool, Kit looked down at her well rounded belly and chuckled as tiny feet appeared and then disappeared beneath her taught skin as the twins nestled safely inside seemed to battle for position.  “The sunshine looks like diamonds.  Lord love a leper but I do love diamonds.”  When she looked over the top of her sunglasses at her friends they were all staring at her as if she’d just grown another head.  “What?”

It wasn’t a surprise that her friend Libby was the first to speak, “Are you fucking kidding me?  This is newsworthy information?  Fuck me, you are annoying sometimes.”  Libby’s giggle betrayed the fact that her words were spoken in jest.  Libby Wells was a fully tenured professor of chemistry and neuroscience at NYU and Kit’s best friend.  The petite blonde with sparkling blue eyes and a wicked sense of humor was also the reason Kit had met Jameson and Trevlon Wolf last year.  Libby and Kit’s night of dancing had quickly led Kit to exactly what she had always tried to avoid…her mates.

“Agreed.  Her husbands spoil her shamelessly and I’d be plotting her demise if she wasn’t knocked up.  I can’t kill babies, that just wouldn’t be right…killing a diamond slut is something else entirely.  And calling her a witch is just plain anti-climactic since it’s true.”  Julie Wolf-Edwards was a cousin to Jameson and Trev and one of the most outspoken women Kit had ever met.  She was a Harvard trained lawyer who handled all the pack’s legal work and Kit had never seen the woman miss a single detail in anything she’d tackled.  She was also a classic beauty with chestnut colored hair that she kept cut in a stylish bob and glorious hazel eyes that were always filled with mischief.  Her cheekbones were perfect and she carried herself with an air of grace and elegance that reminded Kit of so many of the professional dancers she’d known.

One of other woman with her attention zeroed in on Kit was Julie Wolf-Edwards.  She was married to Lance Edwards the enormously popular television actor and one of the few non-shifters living on the Wolf Pack’s estate about two hours north of New York City. Kit knew that Lance did occasionally stay at their loft in So-Ho on nights when he was working late.  But more than once, Kit had seen Lance coming in during the wee hours of the morning.  Just recently she’d asked him why he’d driven so far at that time of night and he’d smiled conspiratorially.  “Are you kidding?  My wife is fucking hot and brilliant and my best friend.  Why wouldn’t I want to be in her bed?”  Kit had fallen a little bit in love with him herself at that moment.  She’d always liked him as an actor, he reminded her of Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”  And finding out what a genuinely nice man he was had only made her a bigger fan.

When the last of the crew hadn’t weighed in, Kit turned to Angie Wolf Michaels.  “Well?”  Kit inquired expectantly.  “Aren’t you going to add anything to the peanut gallery’s litany of sarcasm?”

Angie tilted her head back, adjusted her enormous sunglasses, and flipped her blonde ponytail over her shoulder.  “Nope, they’ve got this.”  Angie was a pediatric surgeon and researcher, she was also a cousin to Kit’s husbands and the wife of Tristan and Nick Michaels.  At five foot seven she towered over the rest of them and her willowy frame and long blonde hair framed rich dark chocolate eyes.  They teased her that she was going to meet herself at the door one of these days.  Between her surgical patients and research, Kit didn’t know how the woman functioned.  This was one of the few times Kit had seen Julie sit for longer than it took to gulp down a meal.  Tristan, the head of the pack’s security detail had been growling after Julie had been called away from dinner for the fourth straight night a few evenings ago that he was going to have to intervene before she wore herself completely out.  After his comment, Kit had noticed that Julie did seem awfully tired and she’d certainly lost a lot of weight.  And now Kit wondered if that wasn’t part of the reason her friend had agreed to join them to enjoy some very rare, but much needed down-time.

They all giggled at Julie’s blasé attitude and settled back to enjoy a few minutes where the only sounds were those made by the small waterfall at the other end of the pool and the breeze whispering through the nearby trees.  Suddenly Kit felt like someone had thrown a bucket of ice water over her and steel bands were tightening around her chest.  The feeling was oddly familiar and before she could even process everything her subconscious was already starting to panic.  There didn’t seem to be any logical explanation for the sudden change or the strange electrical charge that seemed to be buzzing all around her, but then her mind realized she was actually hearing words being spoken in the wind.  When she heard it again she knew her sub-conscious had already registered the words whispering on the wind even when she hadn’t noticed them the first time.

Soon… We’ll meet again, soon.  I’m coming for you Kathleen.  Joining me will make you a Princess of the Darkness and the pleasures of the world will be yours for the taking.  Your children belong to me.  Our combined power will be unstoppable.  Don’t fight this Kathleen, this is your destiny.  Are you willing to sacrifice your friends to deny me what is mine to take?

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