The Club Isola Series

The Club Isola Series

A little bit edgier…all three books available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bookstrand.

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1 thought on “The Club Isola Series”

  1. I love the Shadow Dance series and book 1 and 3 of Club Isola. Book 2, Healing Holly, is a different matter. I was extremely disappointed in this book. It seems as though it was written quickly just to pump something out. There are lots of “plot lines” possible, but none of them were followed through. Just a random mess. The worst thing with this book is that Callie has her baby at the end and almost dies, but Holly provides blood for a transfusion. The book ends with a message coming in that Abby has been kidnapped ( AFTER CALLIE HAS HER BABY). Then you start book 3 where Abby is kidnapped and low and behold Callie is still pregnant and has her baby AGAIN towards the end of this book! I don’t understand how this could have been published!

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