About the Author

Writing is an escape from normal – which bores me to distraction. I’m sure my family would assure you I haven’t even been in normal’s neighborhood in years so I probably don’t have a real solid grasp of the concept.

I like writing characters that are flawed, but lovable. And I like creating strong women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds to the men in their lives.

I also love hearing from readers! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and avery.gale@ymail.com are the best ways to get in touch with me. Let me know what you like and which characters you think should get their own stories!

– Avery Gale –

137 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. I love your the wolf pack series. I just read #1 and #2. When is book 3 coming out? I know book 2 just came out.

  2. Hello, I just found your Masters of the Prairie Winds Club books and I have to say, love them! I am not really big on BDSM books, but these have completely pulled me in. I will ask one question though, is Tank going to get a book? I fell a little in love with him in the first book of the series, and would love for him to find his own HEA. Thanks!

  3. Just finished the last Masters of the Prairie Winds Club.When will the next one be out?.Have read all these books in 4 days.Great books and I really didn’t think I would like them.Don’t really understand this lifestyle but live and let live.Again great books.Thanks

  4. Hi Avery! I love your Masters of the Prairie Winds Club series. I read all 5 books in 3 days and wondered when the next one might be coming out? I also wondered if you have any idea how many will be in the series in all? I can’t wait!!! Thanks!

  5. Hi Avery I just re-read the shadowdance club and forgot about Sally is she going to have a book about her and cort

  6. Hello Avery, would you be able to give us a little bit of a time frame for your next book in the Masters of the Prairie winds series. I would like to read more about Peter.

  7. I don’t really know….I was thinking about that this morning but I really am trying to finish the last book in The Wolf Pack series…and struggling a bit I might add. Too much to say and not enough ways to express it. LOL

  8. Hi Avery, I have read the Grey Pack Series. The first book with Caroline, Devon, and Damon, was great. I loved those characters. They were funny! Sexy, and the rest of bthe series was very exciting. I read all 5 of the books, and wished there were more books in the series. Red Clouds Dancing, and Perfect Picture, were my most favorite books you wrote. I read those more than once. I really enjoy reading, and your books are such, that I can’t put them down.

  9. I love your writing.every time a new book comes out in I read the whole series of the book thats out and then read the new book. its great keep it up. you one of my favorite writers.

    1. Holy Hannah ! You made my whole day!!!! Thanks so much for your kind words! They mean more than I can tell you!!!!

  10. hi Avery I love all your books and was wondering if maybe you were going to write crossover books between Shadowlands/Club isola and Praire Winds?i would love to see all the ladies get together and have fun, I laughted at some of the things the ladies get upto in the books.
    I hope you do I would definitely buy the book I already have the ones that are already out and re-read them over and over again.
    here’s hoping.

  11. I know you said Club Isola series is probably finished but I wondered if maybe you were going to write a book about Tony and Dr Donnie Dark? and others of the clubs security team. I would love there to be other stories.

  12. Just finished the Masters series, can not wait for book 7.Love your writing about BDSM it sure helps start up this 72 year old engine, husband thanks you too Lol.I,m going to start Shadowland next. Keep on booking.

  13. Hi ms gale. Love your books! Quick question, I read a lot and love series books. What is the book prior to your shadowlands books? I seem to remember a series set in Texas with a club that Tobi’s masters visited to model their club after but can’t remember the book series for that. I want to reread those and all the shadowlands books!

    1. I have the following series…. Masters of the ShadowDance Club…..Club Isola….The Wolf Pack…..and Master of the Prairie Winds Club. Hope this helps….

    1. I am workout big on it now. Goal is to be done by the end of the month so hoping for late Sept. I’m thrilled you loved the book!!!! Thanks so much for telling me!!!!!

  14. Dear mrs gale,will there be more winds club coming out and is the Knights book a flip series to the winds club series? I really love your writing and I wish I was as talented as your mind. Having no imagination is really a downer

    1. There will be more PWC and one more Knights book. I’m exited for both. And thanks so much for writing! And your kind words made my whole day!!!

  15. I have read all the books in the Shadowlands and Prairie Winds series and LOVED them all. They have been in my favorite/to be read again lists for awhile. I just finished the first 2 of Knights of the Boardroom and they too will be added to that list! I LOVED them!! Cannot wait for the 3rd to come out. Any ideas to about when that will be?

    1. Sorry. accidentally hit the wrong key. First off, I have read all the siren books, Shadow Dance and Isola… just reread them and realized it has been a couple of years since new ones showed up… Sad about that. Looked online and realized there were a couple new series showing, but not all of the Prarie Winds are available, and amazon doesn’t have the Knights books, I see them but can’t get them to order/buy. Is there any website I can get all of them at??

      1. In case you can’t tell, your books make me laugh, hold my breath, and just about every other emotion- LOL- thank you for that!!!! Keep writing!!!

      2. My other books will be back up on Amazon and several other sites in a few days. I’m in the process of changing publishing houses and that requires a little reworking. Check again in a few days! I’m thrilled to hear from you. Thanks so much For your kind words, they mean more than you know.

  16. I just read Mated, and it’s my first book by you. I tried to track you down on Goodreads, only to discover that you’re not a Good reads author! It’s much easier for me to promote your stuff if you have some kind of presence.

    I loved this book, and was disappointed that it didn’t have many reviews. As soon as I can afford more of your books, I will be reading and reviewing. Hopefully, I’ll inspire some of my friends to read them, too. Thanks for a great book!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me! I’m thrilled you liked Mated!

      You are right I need to start learning Goodreads. When I first started it wasn’t as big as it is now. That way before Amazon bought it! πŸ˜‰

      I am on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and have an outdated webpage. It all takes up a lot of my writing time. So…I recently asked a cousin for help so hopefully we’ll be able to do more as a team!

      Again, thanks for writing and I will pass your suggestion along to her!!


  17. I’m reading Knights of the Boardroom 3. I’m only 28% through the story and there are so many small editing errors it is distracting. For example for instead of far. Please have your editor reread the story. Thank you.

  18. Hello Ms Avery,

    I have just completed reading The Wolfe Pack series, please please tell me there will be a story of Libby, Dirk & Charlie….as well as Devin & Marcus story……I have read the Masters of Prairie Winds Club & Shadow Dance series as well as Club Isola…..pls also tell is Masters of Prairie Winds will have more to the series???

    Wonderful and a CANNOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN to all your books in the series. Keep writing so we can keep enjoying the continuing stories of friends and family…….especially if you can continue to integrate Tobi, Kent & Kyle West family….that Tobi I just cannot get enough of!



    1. OMG….I’m horrified that I didn’t see your message until this moment. I’m sooooo sorry. Missing messages is unforgiveable. I have plans to expand on the Prairie Winds series with an additional series…those characters will appear far more than they have in the Morgan Brothers, so watch for Mountain Mastery.

      I’ve thought about adding a book for Libby ETAL but I haven’t figured out exactly where to go with it, so until I do, it’s on hold…..

      Thanks again for writing and my sincerest apologies for missing this message.


  19. I have loved the Shadow Dance and the Prairie Winds and Club Isola books. Are there going to be more???? I am on the look out for the next Knights book too. I love the way you write, it keeps me on the edge.

  20. The Morgan’s series ties in with PWC. And the second book which I’m working on now has strong links to PW and I am having a ball with it! Should be out in April! :-). Thanks so much for your kind words and writing. I love hearing from readers.

    1. I can’t wait for the next Morgan brother to have his story. You have me hooked and I am so excited to hear there will be more PWC stories. I check almost daily for new books from you.

  21. Just finished your second book of the Morgan Brothers series. Really enjoying them. Really looking forward to Colt’s book. When will it be out?


  23. I love the PWC, The Shadowdance, and the Morgan brothers….when can we expect a new book from one or better yet all of them? I don’t think I could live the life style but I so love reading and living it through them but damn if those women aren’t a hoot. I can’t decide who I like more yet Tobi or Kat. Look forward to more….PLEASE

  24. approx 2 weeks until Caged Songbird comes out….Book 3 in the Morgan Brothers series. I can hardly wait!!!!

  25. This month….I’m finishing it up now….and then begin editing. πŸ™‚ I’m so excited for you to read it….I wrote a lot of it on vacation and that really opened up the floodgates of my imagination. LOL

  26. Hi Avery,

    I’ve read all 4 Morgan Brothers series. Would like to ask if Kip will be getting his own story with Caila? Great storyline for all books! Thanks!

  27. I would like to know if you plan to write about nate and taz I have read a lot of your books and they are in them so now I want to know their story

  28. You have been one of my auto-buy authors for a long while. This year, in trying to find out when you might be releasing a new book, I have noticed that you make no secret of your political views. And that is more than fine. They don’t match mine, but that’s the point, is it not?

    However, I noticed that you now have begun to push those views in your books. This is not so fine and here’s why:

    1. I read your books as an escape from the noise of everyday American life, not to be forced into more political division; and
    2. The ACA saved my daughter’s life, so knowing that it will now disappear scares the crap out of me.

    I now have to think about whether I will continue to buy your books. I don’t know how that will turn out.

    Finally, just to let you know, I would have sent a private comment, but could find no other way to contact you.

  29. The ACA is not in my books….

    I’m not a fan of it because of the tremendous waste…the cost is insane and it’s imploding! Before long you won’t have anything.

    My desire to see it replaced is means exactly that…REPLACED. It needs to be replaced with a system that works. This one was at best a stop-gap and even then it was always destined to fail….many believe it was designed to fail. (Not sure about that…but I don’t think it ever had a chance…too poorly written.)

    I write books that reflect current issues in vague terms…if it prompted you to THINK…then it’s done the job. I don’t know how the ACA could have saved your daughter’s life when it is simply a way to insure….I’m hoping you mean your insurance allowed you to get her the treatment she needed. See the difference?

    Here’s an example…the ACA require everyone to have maternity insurance…that includes my 60 y/o husband. Now…that aspect of coverage alone increased our premiums 27% the first year….unnecessary and rediculous.

    Those are the small things written into the law that destined it to failure. Even if the GOP hadn’t won…the program was going to collapse.

    Like I said….I want it replaced….meaning your coverage will be better and cheaper….you’ll have more choices and can buy across state lines. No one wants kids or anyone else to go without medical care….but some of my friends who really needed ACA coverage were denied because they didn’t make enough money…..EXACTLY WHO THE PROGRAM WAS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT…..that infuriated me. (One of those is a fellow author you probably know.)

    I know this is long…but I was hurt by your accusation….I was a victims advocate (and yes, that included children) for years…so implying I’d hurt a child was offensive.

    FYI…you can always send a private message via FB or to avery.gale@ymail.com Those would be private…this was not.

    Thanks for reading my books…I appreciate your concerns…but you are misreading the information.

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