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COVER   The first book of The Knights of the Boardroom

      series will release July 28th!

Parker shook his head, muttering, “Christ, sometimes I    really wonder about him. He’s yammering on and she is just sitting there blinking at him like she’s trying to bring his words into focus with her eyes. I keep telling him to leave that left of center British humor of his at the door of the club because it confuses the hell out of the subs, but as you can see the bastard doesn’t listen to me.” Brodie and Law both nodded—this was an on-going point of contention between the two men, and a never-ending source of amusement for everyone around them.


Missionary Position – Book 7 of the Masters of the Prairie Winds Club series


Yes, sireee, it was just like the man to wait until there was nothing between her ass and his hand but a handful of threads to become completely focused on every move she made. Lara had spent months trying to tempt Fischer into touching her, and just when she’d finally resigned herself to the fact he wasn’t interested, everything changed.

Honored to be Nominated….



Can’t begin to tell you how honored I am that Punishing for Pleasure was nominated….proof once again that I have the best readers any author could ask for!   Check it out – the link is at the top….sorry, I can’t figure out how to make it show up better…..

This is why I’m a writer, not a programmer!  🙂


Cheers to New Beginnings

As we look forward to a new year…I want to say that 2015 looks to be filled with lots of new things for me….and I’m sending out prayers that yours are filled with new and exciting things as well.


Happy 2015 2

Avery Gale Christmas Giveaway – Day 7

Hay – it’s the last day….and before Jana Leigh highjacks the contest for a bit….I want to get this sweetie posted.  Gotta love country boys!

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Day 7